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Please submit scans of any stamps we don't have in our catalog to the address below
and they will be added.
Your help is greatly appreciated!
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I am buying any spare picture postage you have either singles of collections!
Contact me at munsie@shaw.ca for details

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For a great article on Picture Postage in French
by Francois Brisse go here

" New Style is Here "
Added Jan 18, 2014


Here is a brief explanation of the system. The numbers are open ended as the Canadian Bank Note Company prints new stamps every day. I have chosen to separate the stamps by border as well as content. Keeping the animals and people separated seemed to make sense and the companies and organizations do enough issues to warrant their own section with the rest being left in a catch all of miscellaneous. Until Canada Post brings an end to ordering this 2004 issue there will be a constant supply of new issues to collect. The postal stationary that Canada post has issued  in place of individual stamps are a study all of their own and are described under the PS postal stationary section. The special Issue for the Winnipeg Jets will probably be recognized by the Unitrade brain trust as real issued stamps - but who knows. The assignment of numbers is arbitrary and in no way indicates date of issue which is unknown in most of the cases. In the event that a stamp includes an identifiable person and animal the stamp will be placed in one category. This too will be quite arbitrary but should help in organizing your collection.
So RI is Ribbon Border - next 2 Letters are: AN= Animals, PE= People, MI= Miscellaneous and OR= Organizations. For Picture Frame Border they start PF and then the same divisions. I hope this clarifies the system for you. With so many stamps now cataloged it is harder to avoid duplication. If you see any let me know and I will correct it.  Enjoy

On Feb 18,2011 the site reached a milestone with 200 stamps being cataloged and numbered  from the Picture Postage stamps issued. Then on June 1 it was 600 and now we have  reached 1000 on October 31, 2011 and 1200 on April 10, 2012. I'm sure 9 or 10 times this many exist and the search for them continues to be fruitful. If you have a collection or even 1 that can be included here then please feel free to e-mail a scan and it will be included. If you have some info on the stamp or issue please send it along. If not, most of the stamps are anonymous anyway. Also covers and cancels are welcome and encouraged. Note: Dec. 31, 2011 - We Have now reached the end of our first year with 1062 different copies of 2063 and 2064 as well as may others in the Greeting stamp, Write Me - Ring Me and Alaska Cruise section. The World Personalized section is nearing completion and is quite interesting in it's many cultural differences. Enjoy!
Please submit to munsie@shaw.ca.


The 2 stamps that started in 2004 and continue until today
Unitrade 2063 Maple Leaf with Silver Ribbon frame and 2064 Photo Album frame
Issued Oct. 8, 2004
The two frame designs were issued in there own panes of 20 self adhesive stamps with a "keep-sake" souvenir sheet of one above it, separable by tearing off the rouletted portion. The single stamp is usable for postage as well.

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